Divine Economy Theory Examines Validity.

The criteria used in religion to recognize truth from falsehood is to examine the fruits. 'Know them by their fruits' is a metaphorical way of stating that reason will be useful in determining what is valid and what is invalid.

I do not see anyone objecting to this approach. It is a valid approach whether it is used to examine religion or anything else. I will use it to examine the use of empiricism in the social sciences. I will only do a cursory examination here since I am in the middle of writing my third book. My time for blogging is minimal.

Empiricism cannot allow humans to make decisions subjectively nor can it allow values to be ordinal. Neither of these fit into the empirical models.

Can it be considered a good fruit if the methodology changes real things into imaginary things? No.

Therefore I declare that trying to apply empiricism to the human sciences fits in the category of falsehood.

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