Divine Economy Ethics Axiom # 3: Redefined Praxeology

Here is the next axiom in the fully endowed positive ethical system that I developed (the theory is referred to as the ethics of the divine economy). This deductive system rests upon fifteen clearly stated axioms. I will list the axioms cumulatively each and every time that I introduce the next one, so that way you will be able to see how the ethical system unfolds.

The first axiom is: Humans carry their thoughts into the realm of action.

The second axiom is: Being a seeker after truth is part of the human operating system.

The third axiom alters the blueprint of the foundation of praxeology. The definition of praxeology used in the divine economy theory is ‘purposeful action by spiritual beings’ and is interwoven with ethics.

With this small but very significant change both the science of economics and the science of ethics are reborn. The future of both of these sciences is glorious and barely discernable since it will be so different from what 'passes' as science in those disciplines today.