Eighth Axiom Given in the New Book: ETHICS of the Divine Economy.

At this point (axiom # 8) in the unfolding of the axioms of this positive ethical theory there is a great change in perspective. Science - here speaking of ethics and economics - has tried to operate in a sphere independent of religion. This great change in perspective just mentioned is the recognition that religion has something significant to contribute to science.

This is the inevitable consequence of the recognition of the simple fact that human beings are spiritual beings. The instant that is recognized the human reality expands and science has to also expand to stay relevant.

Here are the first eight of the fifteen axioms of this positive ethical system:

The first axiom is: Humans carry their thoughts into the realm of action.

The second axiom is: Being a seeker after truth is part of the human operating system.

The third axiom is: The definition of praxeology used in the divine economy theory is ‘purposeful action by spiritual beings’ and it is interwoven with ethics.

The fourth axiom is: Every human being decides what is best for himself (herself) and this decision is referred to as ‘subjective’ rather than as ‘selfish’ (a term which has too many biases associated with it).

The fifth axiom is: What catches the attention of human beings is the appearance of the names and attributes of God.

The sixth axiom is: The content of our actions is the conveyance of the names and attributes of God.

The seventh axiom is: Humans are interested in the science and the art of existence.

The eighth axiom is: The Word of God extends our knowledge of spiritual concepts.

Now the Word of God is seen in its proper perspective. It is what nourishes the human quest for knowledge of spiritual concepts and it is perfectly compatible with the human quest for knowledge of other types.

Since ethics is inseparable from economics and since ethics rests upon spiritual truths it is not possible to ignore the Word of God and still understand these sciences as they apply to human beings. Humans cannot be separated from their true reality, but wonderfully, they can be educated about their reality. And science is one aspect of that education.

Therefore science has to link itself to the spiritual concepts given in what is called the Word of God to be wholly educational. Such an education is then enlightening and civilization will advance as a result.