An Economic and Religious Problem: Subjectivism Not Comprehended.

When we examine economics and religion we see turmoil because of the lack, historically, of the ability to comprehend subjectivism. This was caused by a lack of appreciation of how human thought and human action originate.

Individuals count; they matter. Relevance depends on whether 'it' - whatever it is - matters to an individual. It - whatever it is - is subjective since it pertains specifically to that specific individual. Inseparable is the relevance of whatever it is and the individual making the assessment. Subjectivism cannot be removed from human thought and action.

Economics failed when subjectivism was removed, replaced by positivism.

Religion went awry when traditions took precedence over the right of spiritual perception.

Once subjectivism - as a scientific method in economics and as a prerequisite for independednt investigation of truth in religion - is given its rightful place, both economics and religion will advance and advance side by side.