Quotable #1 From The Divine Economy Theory.

"The necessary condition of prosperity is freedom." by Bruce Koerber

When we are dealing with truth it is inevitable that there will be profound discoveries. Consider the moment when Patrick Henry spoke his quotable exclamation - 'Give me liberty or give me death' - and you will see that words combined and presented at the right moment can arouse us and that is because the meaning is perceived as profound!

As we are entering the era of the divine economy theory there will be simple statements that open vistas and shake the old paradigms.

It is true that to the classical liberal the above quote of mine appears as standard and nothing exceptional. But put it into the context of the divine microeconomy theory and all of the sudden things begin to shake and boundaries between ethics and economics begin to melt, and so the expressed reaction becomes mostly one of two: either appreciation of its profundity, or scoffing at its irrelevance.

The body of work now extant on the divine economy theory exposes the claim of irrelevance as a weak and unscientific response. Clearly the only way to justify the claim of irrelevance is to prove it to be the case, not simply to recede.

Back to the underlying reason why this quote is worthy of being noted: Implied in the concept of freedom is the absence of intervention and implied in the thesis of prosperity is that intervention is the antithesis.