Divine Economy Theory Is The Start Of An Ideological Shift.

There are times when small incremental changes contribute to the advancement of science. In fact, most of the time that is how it happens. Every once in a while the change is more weighty.

One analogy to ponder is the gradual advancement of each day, with the Sun changing positions as the day progresses. This gradual change during the day is not comparable to the dawn of the day, where darkness is changed to light!

The small cumulative advancements in science are noble and important but the magnitude of the change is not so great as to cause an ideological shift. Just like the dawn marks the beginning of a whole new sequence of changes, an epoch making discovery brings about an ideological shift.

The divine economy theory is that revolutionary! It is built on the solid foundation of classical liberalism but it takes economic science into the hitherto uncharted realms of the discipline.

I realize that these assertions are bold but the body of work is substantial and readily available for your investigation. Please feel welcome to correspond with me about any questions or comments that you might have.

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