Economics And Religion Eroded By The Ego-Driven.

There are two very similar actions and there are two very similar actors in these two powerful aspects of life. The two actions are intervention and interpretation. The two actors are interventionists and unauthorized interpreters.

The reason for the parallel 'fate' of economics and religion is because of the intercession of persons who can most accurately be labeled as ego-driven. What I mean by 'fate' is the impression that humanity has acquired over time, the impression that both economics and religion are necessary evils!

The key to understanding the action taken (intervention/interpretation) is to look at the psyche of the actors. The ego-driven actor fools himself or herself into thinking that he is capable of understanding the infinitely dynamic, give-and-take, economy and assumes that his arbitrary tinkering will somehow be an act of justice. The ego-driven interpreter deludes himself or herself into thinking that he comprehends the mysteries of the ever-living, transforming, Word of God and assumes that he can interpose himself between the Incomprehensible God and His infinitely complex human creatures.

Now compound the absurdity of the assumptions of the ego-driven with actions that distort the economy and/or the religion of God. What you get is what we have - skepticism, cynicism, and worst of all, reliance on these self-proclaimed experts for guidance.

Economic intervention and unauthorized interpretation of the Word of God are similar enough to put them side by side for examination. Seeing them side by side helps to identify the source of error and it serves as a means to educate. Those with these reins in their hands will soon be knocked off their horses.