Money and Ethics on August 10th, 2007!

On August 9th what wasn't in existence came into existence and that was $24 billion dollars and then on August 10th another non-existent cache of money sprung into existence, this time to the tune of 38 billion dollars!

This is the news reported on August 11th in the New York Times:

  • 'Hoping to provide some comfort that there is ample cash available, the Federal Reserve made its largest intervention since the markets reopened Sept. 19, 2001, in the wake of the terrorist attacks. The central bank injected $38 billion into the financial system on top of the $24 billion it put in on Thursday.'

There is nothing ethical about creating money out of thin air.

Notice the word used in the report - 'intervention.' At least the word selection is straightforward yet only because they (the financial media, academia, and the politicians) are ignorant of the divine economy theory do they not realize how damning the use of that word is.

In broad strokes it is unethical to steal and to lie and to act in an untrustworthy manner. Where can the interventionists hide except behind the veils of government bureacracy?

Technically, democracy makes the politicans accountable and so the people have the right to remove the veils, thereby exposing the interventionists.