Economics and Religion Resusitated By A Standard!

I ended the last blog entry with the following words: 'Those with these reins in their hands will soon be knocked off their horses.' This refers to the ego-driven interventionists/interpreters who have been leading the way on the horses of false authority, leading the way to nihilism.

Again we see that economics and religion unfold in a parallel fashion.

In parallel, the shared remarkable feature is a standard. Opposition to the existence of a standard is expectedly intense since I am not talking about a relative standard but rather an absolute standard. For the longest time the interventionists and interpreters have claimed themselves to be the representatives of the standard and then they used power to oppress and to enforce their relative standard. None of these ego-driven standards were true standards and so now when confronted with an absolute standard those in control will tremble with rage and then fear and then with weakness and irrelevance.

What is also remarkable is the existence of one absolute standard for economics and another absolute standard for religion, in parallel but not the same! The only way to explain this is by recognizing that we are now living in a very special time in history. In economics it has sometimes been referred to as a time of liberty and justice and a free market, and in religion it is a time referred to as the Promised Day. These are different perspectives and descriptions of a similar ideal.

It is an ideal but it is real also. This real ideal is in the process of 'unfolding' or 'emerging.' And the inevitability of its emergence is because of the 'standard.'