Gold Meets the Criteria of Money and Ethics !!!

Here we have a blog about Money and Ethics and the most obvious link between them is gold. Despite the determined, deliberate, and diabolical efforts of the central banks and the politically compromised economists around the world to make gold appear to be obsolete what we find instead is the soundness of gold.

The volatility in world markets is because everyone is searching for real value. Most people are not aware of the pernicious nature of intervention and so they seek real value in places influenced by the interventionists, for example, real estate as influenced by low interest rates created by intervention into the credit markets.

There is no real or lasting value in these mirages created by the interventionists. But the interventionists cannot allow gold to be seen as an alternative so the politically compromised economists spout out progaganda dissing gold and the interventionists intervene in the gold market by flooding the market with gold from central bank reserves to give the impression that gold is a poorly performing investment.

These unethical practices are short term and unsustainable. Gold is ethical and it trumps the unethical practices of the interventionists. Gold is money that holds its value because it is a commodity, unlike the fiat currencies around the world which are no longer tied to anything of real value. The printing of more and more currency by central banks is illusory like a mirage and it is unethical and exposed as what it really is - mere counterfeiting.

Gold is ethical and it trumps the unethical schemes of the interventionists