The Age-Old Battle: Materialism Versus Tranquility.

In the cycle of the rise and fall of civilization there is a parallel rise and fall of victors. When perception narrows to exclude all meaning except those that are most obvious to the five senses then the dominant perspective is materialism. When the value attributed to all things includes the tangible and the intangible then the dominant perspective is tranquility.

Just like darkness is the absence of light, materialism is the absence of spiritual perception. A civilization dominated by materialism is in the falling portion of the cycle for one main reason. The main reason is because it is out of touch with reality. Under the domination of materialism value is misunderstood and distorted which portends the inevitable downfall. For example, even human life is not properly valued!

During the rise of civilization people are happy because they see the manifold evidences of wealth in all things. Even tests and difficulties are seen as opportunities to learn and as part of the process of perfection. This attitude of tranquility manifests itself in society as tranquility and peace and one of the main features of this rising civilization is cooperation.

It so happens that the age-old battle is being fought fiercely right now. In this modern age of economics the instigators of materialism are the ego-driven interventionists. Their narrow perception is what drives them to try to enrich themselves and their minions and to lust after power over others.

I am one of the champions of the other side of that battle. Ron Paul is another champion of the battle against materialism. His armament is the the U.S. Constitution and the intent of the Founders along with his understanding of classical liberalism. My chief weapon against the materialism of the interventionists is the divine economy theory which scientifically proves that there is no moral authority for any human intervention into the economy. Without that source of corruption society will recover, as unoppressed people regain their spiritual perception.