The Ethics of Entrepreneurship!

Entrepreneurship is supremely ethical. To some this may be a surprising statement, to others it may be a curious statement, and to others it may be seen as a long awaited statement. For all it is a statement that opens the door of examination. Ultimately justice is served by speaking openly and truthfully about entrepreneurship.

Consider the depravity of ethics if someone is sick yet no one notices. Entrepreneurship is the part of the human operating system that is actively alert. If someone is sick it is the entrepreneur who notices and acts. We have to purge ourselves of the negative prejudices we have been taught about the word 'entrepreneur.'

Everything that needs changed has to be discovered first and acted upon. Only those who are alert can make the discoveries! Only those who have made the discovery can facilitate change. If something needs changed it is because the change will make things better. Making things worse is unethical, antithetically, making things better is ethical.

This blog entry is a primer for the fifteenth axiom of the positive ethical system set forth in ETHICS of the Divine Economy.