Economics And Religion Have The Same Enemy.

Since economics and religion are always addressed (superficially) during elections the enemy raises its head for all to see during the campaigns. The enemy is always present but it is easier to detect during the election cycle. Why? The power lusted for by the pawns of the enemy stirs the ambitions of the ego-driven.

In economics the enemy is the frail and feeble-minded interventionist. Compared to the omnipresent and omnipotent market process the desire to arbitrarily control minutiae within tiny fractions of small segments of the economy using static data is ridiculously petty. This nearly infinite difference between the incomprehensibe market process and blatantly finite and restrictive interventionism, though, serves to entice the ego-driven interventionist even more. It is a lust for power.

In religion the enemy represents those who think that they can interpret the Word of God, that is, all of the individuals who have weak enough souls to convince themselves that they can interpret the Word of God. In contrast to the infinite, regenerative, and life-giving potential of the Word of God; the world suffers from their arbitrary assignment of and confinement to narrow and ethnocentric concepts of what the Word of God means. These ego-driven interpreters want to make the world to be like their vision of the world, a vision that is selfish and flawed. They lust for the power to force their beliefs on others.

The liberty of classical liberalism is a strong deterent to the ego-driven. In liberty all intervention into the economy is shunned.

The independent investigation of truth and recognition of the importance of ethics are features within classical liberalism and this freedom nullifies the erroneous claims of the ego-driven interpreters.

One description fits for both versions of the enemy: both are ego-driven. Too many of the ones seeking our votes have the motives of the enemy.

Humility and non-intervention and tolerance and respect are characteristics of those who are not ego-driven. Ron Paul is rare among men for possessing the noble traits of a true statesman and he merits any and all votes to be the President of the United States.