Ron Paul Respects Individual Rights.

The best way to summarize the station of each individual in classical liberalism is to speak out like Ron Paul about individual rights and responsibilities. The subjective nature of humans necessitates honoring individual rights since each individual can be the only one to represent himself or herself. And liberty is what brings about the appearance of justice among us since an individual can fully express himself or herself only as long as it does not harm anyone else. Therefore, responsibility is the just application of liberty for all.

Once we move our thoughts to a system of government we again can turn to Ron Paul for a clear understanding. The Constitution of the United States of America was composed by our American forefathers who were knowledgeable of and influenced by classical liberalism. As emphasized by Ron Paul it was the design of the Constitution to protect the people from the oppressive nature of government, and clearly defining States as independent and sovereign States was an essential element to do just that.

When States rights, as independent and sovereign States, were eroded so too were individual rights. And as individual rights are eroded so too are individual responsibilities. As a result ethics declines.

America has great potential and can be an example for the rest of the world but not without the foundation of its greatness - the Constitution. Ron Paul is the only candidate for President who has never broken his oath to uphold the Constitution. And he is the only one who will return us back to our classical liberalism roots.