Zero Is The Value Of The Dollar And The Amount Of Ethics!

Take a look at this picture of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke standing in front of a multitude of zeros!

What are we to make of this backdrop? Does it mean that Bernanke can keep lowering interest rates to zero and below by printing up money as if that is the solution. This is what this man, who claims to be an economist, has suggested during his rise through the ranks.

The zero (in the background) in such a case represents the value of the dollar. This is no joke - we are all broke - at that point!

Or are the zeros symbolic of the number of alternatives available to the Federal Reserve to restore the value of the dollar, that is, other than the ethical alternative of tying the dollar to gold and silver. Maybe the zero is really an 'O' as in 'Oh!' as if this is a novel and completely revolutionary idea. It is a revolutionary idea and the revolution is to get rid of those institutions which are un-Constitutional.

The zeros in the picture are numerous and cover the entire backdrop. What these zeros represent is the level of widespread confidence that the American people have in the Federal Reserve and the level of tolerance that the American people have for the bungling and counterfeiting that is going on behind the secret doors of the Federal Reserve.

Zero is actually better than our real status. Who is to blame? The blame for bankruptcy belongs to all of the ego-driven interventionists and their collusive imaginary bank, the central bank - the source of all of the play money.

The zeros are really 'O's spoken as 'Uh-Oh!' in unison by the Chairman and the Governors of the Federal Reserve. They know their scam is exposed.

And finally the zeros represent the amount of ethics demonstrated by these charlatans.