Cracks in the 'Bound-Media' Chain will Break!

There are many weak links in the chain that binds the media to the interventionists. The links are weak because they are composed of half-truths, which is a polite way of saying 'lies.' The cracks can be concealed when they are kept in the dark but when brought to light the cracks are visible. We are seeing this with the media now.

The media coverage of Ron Paul has lurked in the dark when all we heard about Ron Paul was the rattling of chains in the background. Occasionally one chain would rattle louder than another. An example of the rattling was the minimizing and belittling of the significance of Ron Paul as a statesman and as the champion of the Constitution.

But socialism in the United States is still a dirty word and rightly so. There exists enough of a tradition of liberty to vehemently disdain any obvious endorsement of socialism. With reluctance the interventionists loosened their grip on the media-bound chain and Ron Paul was allowed to appear at the debates. This was what caused the light to shine on the chain and then we could all see the cracks.

Not only were there many cracks (every link) but some of the cracks were big. The cracks represent the illogic of the half-truths, for example, one large crack in the chain is the war propaganda. Another crack is the lie that Ron Paul's supporters where fictitious web-based spammers.

The light on the cracks shone brightly every time the voice of the people was heard or when Ron Paul supporters flooded to events where the media was covering other candidates. The light shone every time the dollar fell, soldiers died, and every time the politicians spoke about their fantasy plans.

No power on Earth can keep the market from equilibrating! The media may be bound to the interventionists but there is still the unshakeable law of the market. In other words, the media has to serve its audience. The weak links of the bound-media chain are being tested and the tension is building. What are the choices? Hold off as long as possible and then break, is one choice. Another choice is to unfetter the cause of liberty by casting aside the chains.

The interventionists are criminals and fear being exposed but isn't that one of the duties of the media. Media, do your job! This is America not some satelite of socialism!