The Brave are Starting to Expose the Cowards. Stop the Wars.

Hypocrisy is the platform that the politicians parade around on. They talk about the brave young men and women and then they send them into harm's way to fight the battles of the moneychangers who hide behind the curtains and who toss the politicians a bone every once in a while. As the analogy goes: the politicians are the dogs of the earth and forgive me for insulting the dogs.

The revolution will truly turn when the rest of the brave soldiers who know the idiocy of their assignment speak out. We need you, O brave patriots, to protect our nation from its enemies. The challenge is realizing that the enemies are domestic. But rest assured, these domestic enemies are cowards and they will run and hide and try to act innocent the instant you stand your ground.

Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate worthy to be the Commander in Chief. His patriotism and his service and his character are unmatched.

John McCain served but he was a prisoner of war and he is now a prisoner of the warmongers! He will send generation after generation of innocent soldiers to their death to justify his imprisonment.

But Ron Paul is not only the best one to address our foreign policy. He is almost infinitely more aware of all of the aspects of America than any of the other candidates. He is a statesman. They are all ego-driven politicians. He will restore the Constitution and they will destroy it. He is a classical liberal like Jefferson, they are socialists and fascists.

Come home alive and fulfil your oath to protect America.