How Did the Media Become the Tool of Socialism?

Every day it becomes more obvious how deeply rooted socialism has become in what used to be the bastion of freedom and liberty. It used to be that the United States of America prided itself on the freedom of press. Now socialism is so advanced in the minds of Americans that they either sit on their hands while blatant violations of the free press take place or they jump on the Nazi bandwagon of propandizing their opposition to the voices of liberty.

Look at the platform of the Socialist Party in the 1920's and you will think that you are reading the Democratic platform of 2008 or listening to the Republican Forum in New Hampshire in January of 2008. No wonder they excluded Ron Paul. He is not a member of the Socialist party!

Part of the plan all along of the socialists/communists/interventionists/totalitarians was to infiltrate academia and the media. It looks like their infiltration has reached a critical mass. The peer pressure generated by these permeated institutions squashes all but the strongest.

That is not a bad thing. We only want the strongest. The battle to come will be won for that reason. We have the strongest ones on our side! Liberty and truth will prevail!

And there is another ally and that ally is the power of equilibrium! Very soon the forces of equilibrium will shatter the hollow shell of socialism and there is nothing that the pathetic media pundits or the academic charlatans can do to hide their fascist affiliation as the fragments of socialism go crashing to the ground.