How Numb and Dumb are Mainstream Media Addicts?

If I was to lay out a case study where a candidate for President was opposed by those in control of the media in a country where the media is in cohorts with the ruling class would you be suspicious of the steps in this sequence?

- Labeling the candidate as a kook.
- Limiting the number of questions directed to the candidate during any debates and then asking lame questions not related to the issues.
- Excluding the candidate from a major early debate just before the primary and then (by acts of collusion) the other networks not treating such an injustice as newsworthy.
- Unleash a barage of scandalous stories with the clear intention to discredit.

If you are not suspicious you are unjust by nature. If you are suspicious then I suggest that you investigate the truth independently, by exercising critical reasoning.

Such is the plight of an unparalleled statesman the like of which may have never been seen before in the history of our country. Ron Paul is the most honorable person to have ever graced the candidacy for the President of the United States and yet it is possible that mainstream media has numbed the investigative faculties of most of their addicts of propagandized news.

If you are numbed become sensitized!

If you cannot then you have been dumbed just like the interventionists wanted. You are well down the Road to Serfdom and can no longer be of much service to the cause of liberty. What a shame. Shame on you!