Iranian Speedboats Terrify the Neoconservatives!

When I saw the footage showing the displeasure shown by the Iranians with the presence of the U.S. Navy near their national border I couldn't believe my eyes.

Who is the aggressor here, the tiny speedboats thousands of miles from the United States or the most powerful navy in the world parked just offshore of Iranian soil?

How can the American people allow the cowardly and unjust demogogues in America to speak on our behalf. Throw the bums out.

To do it you will have to validate each and every ballot because they have their blood-stained hands in every nook and cranny of the election process. Demand a verifiable auditing process.

It is so ironic that we are unable to hold an uncorrupted democratic election and yet the neoconservative demogogues claim that it is the duty of the United States to give democracy to the world. Worldwide hegemony to the political ruling party (composed of Democrats and Republican) is their motivation.

America does have a role to play. That role is to expose the lies and designs of the ego-driven interventionists, the neoconservatives composed of Democrats and Republicans.