It Turns Out That Americans Love the Constitution! Thank You Ron Paul.

Waking up from slumber and realizing that it has been a bad dream, Americans are refreshed by the light of dawn. It takes a short time to fully begin activity and so a few stretches ensue. Next it is time to rid ourselves of the impurities that the immune system of our body has filtered out to keep us healthy.

This is an analogy of the current status of the Ron Paul Presidential campaign in America. The slumber was our indifference towards the two-headed single party system. We were woken by the clarion call of Ron Paul announcing that the Constitution is the rule of law. The bad dream that we had been experiencing was the socialism and fascism of the Keynesian neoconservatives who had hijacked the Constitution and replaced it with millions of pages of legislation and regulation and intervention.

The wakeful stretching was the grassroots support around the country for Ron Paul and the minor victories that energized the body as a whole just like stretches do. Now we are at the time to send the lying politicians (or even the ones who are not lying but who are so ignorant about the evils of socialism that they do not know any better) and the scheming media pundits into the the sewage system where they belong.

Invigorated and cleansed from the unspeakable we are ready to rise up and serve and preserve the Constitution, acknowledging that we have been honored in this way for a reason. America has a destiny to fulfill and the only way that destiny can be discovered is by adhering to the principles of the Constitution.