McCain's Lack of Economic Understanding Breeds Socialism!

When John McCain is asked about the economy he responds in one of three ways.

1. He doesn't want to appear completely inept so he talks in circles using economic jargon but never saying anything that has any substance. Typical politician blah-blah. Typical socialist blah-blah.

2. He wants to appear like he is Presidential so he says that he will consult the experts. Someone tell him that if he doesn't understand economics he won't know if the 'experts' know what they are talking about! He will not be able to tell the difference between socialism and interventionism. (The answer is, in fact, that there is no difference.) He cannot make that determination so he will hand the country over to the socialists - some great protector and patriot (his hollow claim).

3. Or he talks about being fiscally responsible and against "pork barrel' spending like 'the bridge to nowhere.' What about all the fiscally irresponsible aspects of monetary policy and international finance? His depth of understanding is limited to only a blatant 'pork barrel' project while the vast majority of the economic issues are far beyond his ability to comprehend.

Here we are at a critical time in our history with a monstrous economic problem on our hands and John McCain wants to be the President! It may be that his incompetence is even greater than that of George Bush.

It is clear as day that Ron Paul has diagnosed the problem of the dollar bubble and he knows the steps we need to take to restore the Republic to its intended purpose.

Do not vote for John McCain unless you think America should have an economic imbecile as the President (again). The socialists are whispering their pathetic advice in his ears!