The Myopic Belligerence of the Demagogues! Saved by Ron Paul!

When I hear the politicians spouting out their platitudes to try to win votes I cringe at their idiocy. They act like they are addressing a small group of 'good ole boys' at some coffee shop in the district where their sleazy political careers began.

On the one hand they talk about the United States as 'the greatest nation in the world' and yet they are too stupid to realize that people all over the world are listening to what they say because the United States is the greatest nation in the world!!! When they insult other people and nations by acting like the United States has the right to invade and occupy other nations they expose their petty-mindedness.

And when they try (using their political patriotic blah-blah) to justify imposing some arbitrary system of government to be covertly run by U.S. neoconservatives these politicians make it clear who they represent and why they smell so foul. It is no wonder why most people look at voting as a duty begrudging acted upon, if at all.

This time it is different because a statesman is running for President. Ron Paul speaks about liberty and liberty has no boundaries. Everyone in the world benefits from the peace and prosperity that comes from liberty. When Ron Paul says that we should trade with everyone and talk with them and stop treating other nations as pawns, everyone in the world hears this.

Instead of the anger and disgust that all of the other candidates generate worldwide, Ron Paul stirs feelings of hope and confidence that the problems can be solved. One major problem that will be solved by a humble foreign policy is a strong national defence. Another is the prosperity of peaceful trade without the devious trade agreements created by the ego-driven interventionists.

If only the U.S. media could free themselves from the clutches of their overlords then they may be able to spread the news. It is ironic that Russian TV has proven a more objective news source than ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, or FOX.