Neoconservative Socialists Or Ron Paul!

Either choose a neoconservative socialist or Ron Paul, that is the choice of the Republicans who are voting for a Presidential candidate. Hiding behind a façade of conservative rhetoric Mitt Romney, John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Rudy Guilliani all view our nation as something that needs to be managed. Some would micromanage ( Romney), others would delegate it (especially the economy) to someone else (McCain), and just like the other two they would all find some way to impose their beliefs on everyone. This is why it is very appropriate to be alarmed and concerned about fascism in America. The application of what appears to be neoconservative rhetoric, by these politicians who view their responsibilities in the same way as socialists, is nothing but fascism.

The neoconservatives are dangerously close to being socialists because they desire to direct resources towards their objectives. To accomplish their objectives they need to assume control of resources that are supposed to be in the hands of private individuals. They claim it is for the good of all.

They claim it is for the good of all! This is blatantly a socialist mentality.

Ron Paul is the only candidate, either Republican or Democrat, that is not a socialist. Ron Paul is a classical liberal and a statesman with an unparalleled record of fiscal responsibility and Constitutional liberty and justice. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote to put the Republic back in Republican!