Ron Paul Doesn't Have To Study or Memorize Before Any Debate.

Ron Paul is a scholar in the classical liberalism tradition. Which also means that he thoroughly understands the economy, and it means that he understands human rights. This knowledge and this foundation of principles is incorporated as wisdom and it is spoken as truth.

Truth is very powerful and it is especially outstanding when it is contrasted with the slithering deceitfulness of politicians, most notably seen in a debate format. That is why all the other candidates fear Ron Paul. Whereas he looks forward to the debates or any forum where he can speak about the philosophical ideals of classical liberalism the other candidates are anxiously 'cramming' with their aids to make sure that they don't say anything that contradicts themselves.

The deceit does not end in the words of the politicians but it also penetrates into the media-run debate program. The media cartel does not know exactly who their overlords want to be President but they get certain signals. If the candidate is a warmonger then the chances are good that the overlords will be pleased. If the candidate proposes things that make the citizens more dependent on the welfare/warfare State the media knows that their overlords will reward them by giving them a talk show if they can convince the citizens to vote for that puppet!

Contrast these stances with the only statesman ever to challenge the un-Constitutional usurpation by these neoconservative fascists who use the media as their pawns. Ron Paul goes before the public and tells the truth and exposes the lies and the violations of the Constitution. Quickly the media felt the potential wrath of their overlords, and so swiftly the media cartel began to try to counteract the truth.

Predictably they will lie about Ron Paul. They will censor Ron Paul. They will lie about the Ron Paul supporters. They will manipulate the debate formats and the debate questions.

Ron Paul doesn't need to study and he cannot be tricked into inconsistencies. Truth penetrates all their schemes and exposes all of their frauds.

Media and overlords, your only hope was to exclude Ron Paul from the debates like you did in New Hampshire, but even then your schemes were exposed as fraudulent. In your mind-control world, it is a pity that your work was not yet completed because the truth is about to set us all free!