Ron Paul Will Put Our House In Order!

It is only a matter of time before the quackery of all the Presidential candidates and their charlatan economic advisors start to give off the odors that come from a dark, damp, and unspeakably foul pit. This is the direction they would have us go!

In contrast, Ron Paul has brought to light the concepts of classical liberalism and the principles of prosperity that restore the spirit of America envisioned by our Founders.

It is a path of practicality since our economy has been burdened with oppressive interventionism for more than a century. He shatters the lies of Keynesianism that have glorified all consumption spending and exalted government spending to an even higher degree. These falacies are simply and clearly cast aside by educating all of us about the connection between savings and capital and then between capital and prosperity.

As you read his 'Prescription for Prosperity' notice how spending is moderately cut, how taxes are reduced, how the monetary system is made more sound, and how government's role is moved in the direction of a Constitutional government.