Ron Paul Will Stop the Stealing From Your Children and Their Children!

“I have a good idea!” Let’s steal money from our children and their children and take the money and spend it on whatever we want to try to make the economy look rosy!

This is how naïve the American citizenry is about the lies and schemes of the politicians: Everyone is excited about this ‘bribe’ that all of the politicians endorse.

Tax cuts, and all types of tax relief are good since everyone should have the right to spend the money that they make, in whatever manner they choose, but if there is not a spending cut of at least the equivalent amount then we are simply piling debt on our children and the generations to come.

One good thing comes from this absurdity: if there is any candidate that is critical of this fiscally irresponsible decision then that candidate is a statesman, not a politician. It is good to have the absurdity of ‘politics as usual’ only because the sleazy politicians stand out like a sore thumb compared to the statesman.