Script Reading Blah-Blah or Heart-to-Heart Intelligent Persuasion.

When the media announced its winner of the New Hampshire Republican Primary John McCain came to the podium and, I declare, made it clear and evident that he says what he is told to say. You can't even find the video of his speech on the internet because it is so blatantly puppetlike. Here is the script (which he read on behalf of his interventionist lords):

In vivid contrast we have the readily available videos of the talk given by Ron Paul after the New Hamshire Primary:

I wish you could watch the video of McCain (conveniently unavailable) and compare the content and the intent of each of these two candidates for President. The difference is night and day. McCain's message is shrouded in darkness with his platitudes serving as his stars and his war-mongering as his moon.

Ron Paul's message is not only like the day but it is like the dawn of a new day. It is time for everyone to wake up!