Secrecy Not Privacy Unless We Elect Ron Paul.

The basic liberties given us in the Constitution are almost all gone.

If McCain (and his CIA overlords) gets elected secrecy will intensify. No one will ever be able to tell about how McCain collaborated with his enemy captors to save his own neck. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The lies and oppressions of the government will vanish from public scrutiny and to accomplish this level of secrecy people will have to vanish also.

Of all of the candidates for President, whether Democrat or Republican, only Ron Paul talks about the civil liberties associated with a Constitutional government. He understands how to reinstate the safeguards for our human rights and our property rights. He understands that the Constitution is the rule of law and is the guarantor of a free and prosperous nation.

We are at a critical point in history and in the history of America. Our privacy is in danger. The secrecy needed for the socialism and fascism espoused by the hand-picked Presidential candidates is predictably very severe. The secretive overlords (difficult to know exactly who they are) who want a puppet President want to keep their anonymity and power, and they use the fear that they can wield because they have power and appear to be unknown to keep the media silent.