Shock And Awe Mentality of the Fed! Same Bizarre Outcome!

The United States government is again in the shock and awe mode, this time domestically. Just like the destruction that occurred when the sophisticated bombs tore into the fabric of the foreign nation(s) that we attacked so too the blast of artificial credit will tear apart the fabric of our economy.

The same group of people are making the decisions and the same group of people are hailing this action as needed and a proof that the U.S. is too great to fail.

It is extremely problematic for many reasons. Consider that the Great Depression hit because of the disappearance of credit and that after the government created that problem it then caused the recovery to linger for over a decade because of their continued idiotic attempts to 'stimulate' the economy. Then (at last! in their minds) they used entry into a world war as way to distract the public. The outcome of the war that then enabled the economy to recover was the establishment of the dollar as the world reserve currency. The U.S. could export its inflation to get themselves out of its economic quagmire.

Today's world is different. We are already at war in places all over the world. Because we have borrowed to the hilt and because we have resorted to printing money out of thin air the dollar is no longer regarded as a good reserve currency. More war and worldwide inflation will not work.

We cannot afford the failed policies of the Keynesian neoconservatives that run the two-headed one party system in the U.S. Printing money and throwing it (or dropping it like bombs) just makes things worse. The lies of a 'fundamentally strong economy' and the fallacious idea that we should have trust and confidence in the central bank is like the lies of the weapons of mass destruction!

The media was a trumpeter of 'shock and awe' to eliminate the 'weapons of mass destruction' and they are trumpeting again the misinformation injected (into the veins of the addict) by the neoconservative interventionists who lust after an empire.

The lone voice who called for sanity - not to invade Iraq - was Ron Paul. The lone voice now - speaking forthrightly saying that the Federal reserve is the cause of the economic problems - is Ron Paul.

Why does the media deliberately refuse to even mention his name? It is because liars are cowards (and they find themselves repugnant) so they have to pretend that truth does not exist!