Huckabee Plagiarizes Conservative Stance from Ron Paul.

Like all politicians Mike Huckabee modifies his stance to serve his ambitions. He was encouraged to run for President by the power elite to appear to offer a conservative alternative to Ron Paul. His ego made it easy for him to feel like he really had something to say.

But his nature did not change. He is a typical politician and morphs to serve his own advantage. He knew that his overlords were censoring everything Ron Paul was saying so he could then plagiarize the message of Ron Paul and the media would present it as his message, as if it represented his core beliefs. ‘His core beliefs’ is an oxymoron because those change with the wind.

Huckabee uses these themes extracted from the true conservative, Ron Paul, to make himself seem knowledgeable and principled. But these are not his ideas and he does not have the knowledge of classical liberalism that made these principles evident to Ron Paul. He fraudulently speaks about conservative issues like getting rid of the IRS but he doesn’t know the principle behind the issue. He doesn’t know why the IRS is an abomination, he does not understand free market economics and he does not truly desire a Constitutional government.

The status quo of ‘lying politicians’ is all we can expect from Huckabee, McCain, Clinton and Obama. In contrast, Ron Paul is an honorable statesman and a scholar of classical liberalism.