Righteous? Stand up for Ron Paul.

Is it wrong for the corporate media to censor a statesman who expresses ideas about liberty and prosperity and yet never fail to fill their broadcast hours with what can be labeled as trash, what would have been categorized as pornographic fifteen years ago? This is the type of ethics demonstrated by the corporate media. A righteous person would take a stance and send a message. Stand up for Ron Paul, as a supporter or simply as a righteous person.

Who can sleep at night knowing that our government is involved with violence of an unbelievable scale, all to satisfy a small group of imperialistic neoconservatives who have hijacked our government and forced the American system of government, through secretive deal-making, to disregard its own Constitution? A righteous person would quickly discern who is lying and conniving. A vote for Ron Paul is a righteous vote.

When have you written a check to pay for something knowing full well that there are no funds available? This is nothing but fraud and stealing. But yet we are supposed to sit back and tolerate the counterfeiting that is done at a unfathomable magnitude by our government and done with the stamp of approval that implies that all Americans are like this. Where are the righteous ones who will stand up and call the lying politicians ‘liars’ and call the media collaborators ‘pathetic collaborators’ and call the administrators ‘thieves and counterfeiters and frauds?”

There are many reasons for the righteous to arise. One of the very best ways to show that you are one of the righteous ones is to vote for the humble and truthful statesman, Ron Paul.