Socialism Will Crumble When Face-to-Face With Ron Paul!

As the delegates trickle in for Ron Paul and as the supporters of Ron Paul take care of their precincts the frame of strength needed to catch the attention of the neoconservative socialists will be in place. This will be seen by them as a curious thing but their attitude of arrogance will make it seem to them as insignificant.

As taught in Austrian economics the real world is in disequilibrium because of uncertainty and imperfect knowledge. The certainty exhibited in the attitude of arrogance by the neoconservative socialists is contrary to this disequilibrium and so they are in for a surprise.

There are many possibilities with the force of equilibrium behind them that can crumble the vain imaginings of the neoconservative socialists. Here is one: The economy continues to decline and at an accelerated pace! How will McCain be able to hide his economic incompetence when he is put on the fire? Here is another: The revolt against the surge in Iraq will take a turn for the worse so that even the compliant media cannot hide it from the public. How will the warmongering rhetoric from a bellicose McCain soothe the total disgust of the American people towards a disastrous and un-Constitutional war?

The strong frame of support for Ron Paul at the Convention plus the shining truth of his words and the shining example of his deeds will transform the disheartened and disgraced Republicans. They will cast aside neoconservative socialism and with a sigh of relief and regained certitude rally behind the call for liberty and peace and prosperity sounded by the great statesman - Ron Paul!