Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Ron Paul!

From the depth of my heart I want to thank Ron Paul for rekindling the flame of freedom and for fanning the flame of liberty in the minds and hearts of Americans who are waking and already awoken. God bless you for your humble service and pure motivation.

And we classical liberals want to thank you for your scholarly contribution to the philosophy of classical liberalism. Your work is noteworthy and distinguished and will go down in history as comparable to Aquinas and Turgot and Bastiat. Because of your dedication and decisive action to re-infuse classical liberalism into this Republic a new generation of people have found what inspired the founders of America to write the Constitution.

And finally, the third thank you goes out to you - Ron Paul - for going all the way to the Convention. Thank you for putting your whole trust in God. I would not be surprised to see things change drastically so that you regain viability as the Republican nominee if this is the time that America is to fulfill its destiny!