Beware of the Ego-type of the Politicians!

What is the difference between someone using enterprise to bring about change and a politician? It has to do with the environment within which the ego operates.

The politician starts with the ego directed outward with intentions to intervene in the lives of others. Since this lack of self-examination encourages a poisonous expansion of the ego-psyche the problem becomes more and more outwardly focused with more and more desire to intervene. This poisoned ego-psyche is addictive and corrupting and when society is designed politically to accomodate these types of persons they lust for power and become tyrannical rulers of some type. In America they end up being the populist socialist/fascist speaker of rhetoric and spoiler of the nation's wealth.

The person choosing to change things using enterprise starts with the ego directed inward, constantly examining himself (herself) and his surroundings. This self-examination is one of the beneficial traits that makes successful those who are enterprising individuals. The healthy ego-psyche of alertness for ways to make things better is most productive in a society where there is no arbitrary control by the ego-driven interventionists.

The prosperity that we all hold up as an ideal is in jeopardy when the politicians are shown respect. They do not have any moral authority since they are consumed by an immoral ego-psyche. It is not an issue of being polite. It is an issue of the preservation of liberty and justice.