Economics and Religion Means More Than Laissez-Faire.

Now there is a book, MORE THAN LAISSEZ-FAIRE, that shines on the horizon of economics and shines on the horizon of religion. That does not mean that there are two suns, nor does it mean that the horizons are different.

What it means is that the rays from the sun are life-giving and indistinguishable. No one in their right mind, no one who has a scientific understanding, tries to separate one ray of the Sun’s light from another so that the other ray can be denied and labeled as irrelevant! This is why atheism has no place in economics. It is an attack on the one reality, often done in the guise of ‘science’ but no more is that possible in the science of economics.

That is one of the major contributions of MORE THAN LAISSE-FAIRE.

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