Now is the Time for the Remaining States to Show Their Significance!

Not everyone can be first! Aren't you sick of the political game-playing to be the first in the nation or to be stacked in the front. Not only are the palms being greased in those States but the people are treated as if they are important enough to determine the election outcome.

What about all of the late-comers? Are these voters relevant?

Especially on the Republican side, it is as if you have to be resigned to voting for the warmonger with an economic IQ of 60 (at best). Thank God and thanks to the principled determination of Ron Paul there is an alternative. Of course the media will continue to act like he doesn't exist, as part of their duty to perpetuate the status quo.

You can show the power of your voice by voting for the only statesman running for the Presidency - Ron Paul. The others are politicians and they serve their lords (the power elite like the Council of Foreign Relations) and they are too ego-driven to ever abide by the Constitution.

If you want your voice heard and if you want to restore a Constitutional government go to the polls with enthusiasm and vote for Ron Paul. Do not let complacency sap you of your duty and honor to vote. Do not let the media lull you into thinking that you have to vote for a shallow masquerading politician.

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