Why Not Ask the Three Stooges About the Economy?

No I am not talking about Moe, Larry and Curly! I am talking about McCain, Obama and Hillary!

These three stooges of the status quo power elite will avoid speaking about the economy as much as possible because if they make known their views it will sound and look like the planks of the Socialist Party slightly seasoned with rhetoric straight from the fascist’s doctrine.

Why not ask them about the economy? Because the media knows this and is trying to serve their overlords by getting one of these ego-driven interventionists elected President, just as told to do so by their overlords. The media will try to run diversions through their sleazy ‘news’ coverage to distract the masses but, thank God, we are living in a time when they are being rendered impotent! The media will not be able to keep the collapse of the economy a secret!

Sooner or later they will have to ask the three stooges about the economy. Unless Americans have somehow confused our Founding Fathers with Lenin and Stalin their answers will be perceived as sour and rancid and sickening.

The prescription for that ill feeling is to hear what Ron Paul says about the economy. It is a plain fact that Ron Paul is a true American. In addition he is a scholar of classical liberalism and of free market economics and he is an uncompromising Constitutionalist which means that he can and will restore our Republic.