Yellowstone and Grand Canyon Go To China and Saudi Arabia!

The ‘Undoing of Socialism’ here refers to the economic collapse of the Keynesian system exploited to the max by the Democrats and Republicans. They are really just different names for the same political party which could not be openly proclaimed - the Socialist Party - so they put on the façade of a ‘multiple party’ system. It is all becoming less relevant because the whole thing is falling apart anyway.

But our creditors, the nations that we went into debt with to finance our welfare/warfare State, they do not care whether the whole political situation in America is in shambles. They simply want payment for the trillions of dollars loaned to the power elite who bankrupted our country.

The first settlement agreed to is the Grand Canyon. And for the time being the second settlement is the ownership of Yellowstone National Park.

Now it is very clear what it meant: that the massive debt (brought on by all of these sleazy politicians) was going to be paid for by our children and our children's children. They will not be able to visit these places since they are now ‘privately owned’ by China and Saudi Arabia, respectively.

Our children and their children will have to begin the slow process of rebuilding but who knows what sovereign jurisdiction they will be a part of. Will there be a remnant that still adheres to the U.S. Constitution? If so, that is where the hope for liberty will reside.

Such a setback will mean that it will take even longer before the destiny of America, which is to bring liberty to the world, can be achieved. That is if the destructive ventures and the irresponsible and un-Constitutional policies of the imbeciles of the Socialist Party (Democrats and Republicans) haven’t already lead to the total annihilation of the noble experiment started by our Founding Fathers and institutionalized in the Constitution.

Turn to classical liberalism for an understanding of liberty. Keep the flame of liberty alive! Reject the socialism and fascism of all of the politicians. The one statesman, the classical liberalism scholar, who can prevent this scenario is Ron Paul!