Fools and Liars - Inflation Makes Them Exhibitionists!

As if people cannot follow the simple logic that they use in the running of their own household, the politicians talk about spending money even though everyone knows that we are very much in debt as a nation. The painful effects resulting from run away inflation cause people to bitterly complain but the politicians are foolish so they propose throwing money at the problem. This out-in-the-open foolishness would be unthinkable even for a politician except under the pressure of inflation.

To ‘cover their tracks’ they use the media to channel their propaganda (lies) to make it appear like inflation is caused by some varied and sundry entities other than the counterfeiter. Their propaganda predictably blames oil and then food and then consumer demand and on and on to try to convince the public of the concocted story of the liar (the politician). They will give speeches denigrating the supposed perpetrators of inflation all the while trying to hide the heinous counterfeiting agency from the public’s eye. They will continue their lies even to the extent of calling the Federal Reserve ‘the inflation fighter!’

Inflation gives these politicians (ie., fools and liars) a reason to dance around in front of everyone and act like they are worthy of attention. Their exhibitionism draws them out into the spotlight and such a public interest is irresistible to these ego-driven interventionists.

But guess what, o fools and liars, now everyone knows how little you know and how scheming you are!

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