Giving More Power to the Counterfeiter - Brilliant!

What are the chances that the counterfeiter is not a criminal?

What are the chances that the criminal mind of the counterfeiter will not lust after more power?

What are the chances that the power-hungry counterfeiter will not use any and all power to amass wealth, extort the wealth from those under control, and to bribe the agents of the system?

What are the chances that the total corruption brought about by the counterfeiter will not be the embodiment of totalitarianism?

Thanks, George Bush and Hillary Clinton and John McCain and Barack Obama, for your mutual desire for increasing the powers of the Federal Reserve! You are all peas of the same pod, a rotten fruit of a single party system controlled by an amorphous hierarchy of plutocrats who have violated the covenant that we call the Constitution.

Yet you live in fear because you know liberty is beyond your reach and you know that Ron Paul has ignited that unquenchable fire!

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