Re: Is There Censorship About the Counterfeiting of Dollars?

On April 27th I wrote a blog entry and published it but it has yet to make it to the internet. Is my commentary too revealing? I issue this complaint as a call for the protection of classical liberalism.

On Sunday, April 27th I wrote this piece:

World Wakes Up to the Counterfeiting of Dollars!

Economic turmoil is all around and it is not going away anytime soon!

What is driving this frenetic behavior is the desperate search for value. What has been the reserve currency for the world since 1944 is now naked for all to see. It is not a pretty sight! The mirage is gone and what is left is a hollow shell described as an exoskeleton of corruption and militarism.

The dollar has no real asset backing, it is purely fiat. What supposedly props up its value is confidence in the United States as a viable sovereign State. Gone are the Constitutional restraints which were designed to keep the nation fiscally responsible. Gone are the Constitutional restraints which were designed to keep the nation principled. Nothing is left except the fear of the threat of economic or military warfare. That is what holds up the value of the dollar around the world despite massive counterfeiting.

But since these military exploits and flexing of war muscles are dependent on borrowing from other nations and from counterfeit printing of money out of thin air the desperate victims of U.S. monetary hegemony are now beginning to question whether the U.S. is really that strong. And as the confidence in the U.S. goes so goes its fiat currency!

There is a solution. The solution is to abide by the Constitution which was inspired by the philosophy of classical liberalism.

Which means that the solution is to get rid of all of the politicians who violate their oath of office every time they do anything that is not authorized in the Constitution. Violating their oath is sufficient grounds for their removal by impeachment, through elections, or by trials for treason if necessary.

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