What To Do About High Gas and Food Prices!

First of all, complain!

Second, go to Amazon.com and order a copy of The Revolution: A Manifesto. Then when it comes sit down and read it. Be prepared to find yourself understanding economics far more than you ever imagined!
  • How is that possible? Apparently making it appear that economics was not for the ‘common man’ has been part of the government propaganda for several generations now.
And finally, with your new knowledge and understanding approach the media and your elected representatives and express your concern. Make it clear to them that you know what is going on and that you know how to solve the problems.

Erase the ignorance created by the power elite and those who are currently in charge of our government by un-Constitutional means. It is your voice and your determination and your perservence and your knowledge and understanding that will wipe clean the slate so that a renewed dictum can be written: Constitutional Republic.

For more information go to http://www.divineeconomyconsulting.com .