Worldwide Liberty In The Works!

Although a secondary purpose, the internet enables the concepts of classical liberalism to spread worldwide. No longer are people imprisoned by the propaganda of the political class.

Keynesianism created a political class that rewarded academics who perpetuated the fallacies of Keynesian economics all the while increasing the power of the political class. Each nation found itself in the grips of a power elite that, because the dollar was the world currency, was essentially part of the U.S. dollar hegemony.

Unpredicted and unrestricted, the internet and the personal computer revolution laid before everyone access to information untainted by government hype. Sure that type of ‘information’ is there also and sure the power elite is doing what it can to flood the media with its propaganda, but the alternative that sounds the clarion call of truth is very powerful and is at our fingertips.

The message of liberty and prosperity is available to everyone. Many people are actively seeking these God-given rights. However, others are frightened by the scare tactics employed by the power elite, the interventionists who direct the wealth from the resources of the world towards themselves. These wary individuals are just but one step away from exploring these noble ideas that are irresistible - the ideas of liberty and justice for all.

What is the destiny of America? The new book by Ron Paul, The Revolution: A Manifesto, will inspire people all over the world to change their perspective - not to be American - but to adopt the philosophy of classical liberalism, the same philosophy that inspired the founders of the American Republic.

Lift up your voices from all over the planet and make sure that the ego-driven interventionists know that their reign is over.

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