The Classical Liberalism Revolution!

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What Does A Good Revolution Look Like?

This is a revolution but a good one.

If you read the thoughts of the ones who jumped on the bandwagon of the Keynesian 'revolution' in the 1930's and 1940's you will come across comments such as this: 'O to be young and acquainted with Keynesian economics!' These people thought it was revolutionary to discard all of the sensible economic science that had cumulatively been discovered over the centuries in favor of a 'theory' that wedded economics and politics without any economically logical constraints. Their newfound fantasy world created by the charlatan John Maynard Keynes made them feel young and alive, especially since they now could etch themselves into positions of power and intervene in the economy to feather their beds and the beds of the ego-driven politicians.

This revolution is quite different. It is the opposite.

This revolution is for the purging of the fallacious economic theories promulgated by the Keynesians and the Monetarists. It is a revolution for re-enkindling the principles of classical liberalism that inspired the founders of the U.S. Constitution. It is for returning to the rule of law which in the U.S. is supposed to be the Constitution. This revolution is a continuation of the the revolution against the tyranny of an oppressive State. Back then in 1776 it was against an oppressive King whereas now it is against the ego-driven interventionists who have usurped the power of our nation, who violate the Constitution and commit treason all along the way.

With regards this revolution, we are truly very fortunate to be alive and aware, and the legacy that we will leave will be praiseworthy and wise and responsible. In contrast, Keynesianism and Marxism and empiricism have left a cankerous legacy. It is about time we sought the services of the good doctor to remove the cancer of interventionism.

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