Credit Card Companies Declared Unethical by the Fed - the Mother of All Unethical Practices!

The real motive for the move is not to protect the consumer but rather to try to hide the disastrous consequences of the Fed policies. The Fed is not the inflation fighter, it is the inflation engine; and the Fed is not protecting the consumer, it is trying to cover its tracks!

The use of the phrase ‘mother of all’ ironically came to the forefront as part of the American vernacular during the U.S intervention into the Iraq region to control the oil. It is an interesting phrase because it serves both as a descriptive term and as a teleological term.

How is the Fed ‘the mother of all unethical practices’ descriptively? Think of scale. Relative to the percentage of people affected by a change in credit stipulations by a credit card company within its customer base there is no comparison to the all-pervasive effect of the actions of the Fed. The counterfeiting by the Fed affects every individual down to the very last penny in their pockets. Additionally the Fed channels the new credit into the hands and pockets of its favored few, which is pure corruption. So you see, descriptively the Fed is the mother of all unethical practices.

How is the Fed the ’mother of all unethical practices’ in a teleological sense? The secretive and deliberately deceptive manipulation (to shock the economy out of its current condition) of the interest rate magnifies the uncertainty in the credit system. The artificially low interest rates cause malinvestment across the time horizon and over-consumption by consumers (who use the credit system to finance their purchases).

Now for the Fed to say it is ‘unfair and deceptive’ for the credit card companies to try to manage its risk, this is not only oppressive but also a teleological falsehood. The origin of and the cause of the credit system disarray - bordering on panic - is the Federal Reserve itself.

The offspring comes from the mother! The pathetic and now desperately scrambling credit system is the offspring of the mother of all unethical practices, and that whore is the Federal Reserve.

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