The Dollar, The Euro, And Political Corruption.

I am assuming that many of you have seen this interview with Ron Paul ( ) about the worldwide trend away from the dollar. This is what will forcibly terminate the lying promises of the politicians 'to give you everything you want' (democracy - the God that failed) as if there is no cost to the totally inefficient government services.

And do not think for a moment that the decision of Saddam Hussein to take only euros for Iraqi oil was not the major rationale for his demise by the mercantilistic power elite in charge of the U.S. government (even though they are an un-Constitutional faction).

The irony is that it was the belligerent and imperialistic foreign policy of intervention by this same corrupt faction that controls the U.S. government that forced Iraq to sell its oil through channels that were not restricted by the imposed economic sanctions of the U.S. government!

The irony continues: $27/barrel before the Iraq invasion and now it is $126 and rising.

These crimes against other nations and against our own citizens by the ego-driven interventionists should find their way to an international court of justice.

The Constitution is the law of the land so judgment is potentially straight forward. Who is violating their oath and who is trying to usurp the Constitution?

The fact that Iran is taking euros not dollars for their oil is exponentially more consequentially real to the 'imminent' attack by the U.S. than the fabricated nuclear threat.

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