Partisan Politics Hinders Prosperity And Justice.

It is not about political affiliation, which is ultimately divisive. Ron Paul is re-introducing people to the principles of classical liberalism which is what inspired the founders of our country.

The 'revolution' is about ideas and knowledge not politics.

Ron Paul has an opportunity to speak about these principles as a Republican because there are historical remnants of these principles in this political tradition. But guess what, Ron Paul could also do the same thing in any other political party because they all tie back to the Constitution somewhere along the line.

The fact remains that he has always run for Congress as a Republican and his family tradition was Republican so that is his avenue. Be certain that Ron Paul does not care about a person's party affiliation. Liberty transcends this pettiness.

Once we all understand that this 'revolution' is about the philosophy of classical liberalism and not politics then whatever opportunities come our way to keep these principles in the limelight we will delight in.

Do you think that the economic calamity, and the thievery by the power elite, and the imperialism of an un-Constitutional government will go away once the election is commandeered by the ego-driven interventionists? Unless Ron Paul is elected the conditions will only become more intense and explosive.

This is merely one of the opportunities that will present itself to us for us to continue to educate others about the principles of classical liberalism so that eventually the trend towards totalitarianism can be reversed in the direction of liberty and prosperity and , of course, towards true justice that is founded upon the realization that property rights are human rights and human rights are property rights.

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