"The Revolution: A Manifesto" Reverses The Direction.

And thank God, there is no turning back!

Hungry and young (at heart) minds are being nourished and nurtured by the ideas of liberty and prosperity that are outlined and detailed in this book by Ron Paul. He is a scholar of classical liberalism which also implies that he is a scholar of free market economics.

A point of clarification needs to be added. The combination of classical liberalism and free market economics means that the methodology underlying the scholarship of Ron Paul is subjectivism. This is an important point because there are many economists who claim to favor free market economics but who ironically then try to force empiricism down our throats. Such incompatibility proves that their use of the term ’free market economics’ is fallacious.

As mentioned in The Revolution: A Manifesto Ron Paul adheres to the Austrian school of economic thought. This is the legitimate continuation of classical liberalism.

Here is the exciting part of this blog entry. For several generations the colleges and universities have been breeding grounds for socialism because academia followed the chimera of Keynesianism. Previous generations were held captive because the internet was not yet a viable alternative source of information. Students had to accept the garbage they were fed.

Not so anymore!

Now the colleges and universities are filled with students who are a fingertip away from information. Lies and fallacies are on shaky ground. These colleges and universities are now the breeding ground for the restored revolution of the founders of the Constitutional Republic - America.

Knowledge cannot be taken away from people and so there is now no turning back!

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