Steel Coins, I Mean, Steal Coins!

Why is there a need?

Coins are supposed to represent a fraction of the unit of money that is supposed to be equal to a certain weight of gold or silver. Since the monetary system was taken over and replaced with a corruption, designated a fiat currency, there is no longer any gold or silver backing up the money. It is subject to counterfeiting by the monopolist of the money system and so we end up with a paper money that is losing its value almost exponentially.

To say that a penny is worth 1.26 cents is a gross underestimate. The penny is made of zinc and copper, both of which are valuable commodities. In contrast the dollar and likewise its 100th part are on the fast track to worthlessness.

The realization that these coins are far more valuable as commodities than as symbols of fractions of the corrupted fiat currency is what drives some to consider making coins out of steel instead.

The modern way of coin clipping by printing dollars out of thin air has made these coins already steal! They represent the stealing that is being done on a massive scale by the central bank and the ego-driven interventionists (politicians). Every time they crank out the counterfeit dollars they steal your coins, essentially.

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